Planning Live

Planning Live has been build with the help of OFSTED inspectors, Colleges and Teachers.

Planning Live focuses on two main areas.

  • Schemes of Work
  • Lesson Planning

Planning Live helps your Scheme of Work and Lesson Planning in the following ways

  • SPEED - For teachers speeds up the Scheme of Work and Lesson Planning process.
  • STANDARDISE - Consistent Scheme of Work and Lesson Planning across your college.
  • TRANSPARENCY - Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning can be seen by teachers throughout your college.
  • COMPLIANCE - Managers can keep track of Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan compliance by teachers department by department or across your entire college.
  • BEST PRACTICE - Use best practice Scheme of Work and Lesson Planning principles whilst still allowing flexibility for your college. Adheres to elements of the Common Inspection Framework.


We can provide reporting solutions using SQL Server Reporting Services.

In Winter 2018 we will be releasing Reporting Live - our web dashboard and reporting solution which links into any SQL Server database.

View charts and grids which are fully customisable to slice and dice data however you like.

Observation Live in partnership with Wakefield College

At System Live we realise that Lesson Planning and Lesson Observations go hand in hand. Imagine an observer goes into Planning Live and views the plan for the lesson that the teacher has generated.

The observer then creates an observation and attaches it directly to the lesson.

Observation Live will allow...

  • Observations to be planned. For example plan observations for teachers who have not been observed for a while or for courses with poor results.
  • Fully flexible template system for designing Lesson Observations.
  • Reporting on Lesson Observations. Cutting the data in a myriad of different ways e.g. comparing lesson observations between departments.
Journey Live Coming Soon

Journey Live aims to analyse a student throughout their college life and look at interventions which might lead to improved or worsening student performance for example following attendance and grades over the year compared with meetings. A meeting followed by improved attendance might signify that the meeting resulted in the approved attendance.

The graph will allow the information to be zoomed in and out so the data can be viewed on a day by day basis to across the entire year. Sections of interest can be zoomed in to analyse in more detail. Interventions e.g. comments, meetings and smart targets can be clicked which will take the user directly to the source of the data. If comments are stored in ProMonitor this will provide a direct link so the user can click the comment and be taken to the relevant comment in ProMonitor.


We are experts in Further Education with over 10 years of experience within the FE Sector

We can provide consultancy, training and reporting in the following areas.

  • ProMonitor
  • ProSolution
  • ProAchieve
Planning Live - Student Module Now Available

The Student Module of Planning Live allows students to access Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans.

Teachers can share Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans with students and have full flexibility about when to publish these Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans for students to view.

Students can view Schemes of Work for each lesson and download resources, see aims and objectives and detailed lesson plans both before and after their lessons take place

Students have the ability to feedback on Lessons. Teachers can view this feedback.

Software Development

We provide cutting edge software solutions using the latest in web technologies for a excellent user experience.

We specialise in creating elegant multi-platform solutions to bring your data to life.

Areas of expertise include

  • SQL Server
  • Web Development - MVC, HTML5, CSS3
  • Windows Applications
  • Cloud based solutions