Planning Live Student Module

Proudly announcing... The Student Module for Planning Live... Putting Students at the forefront of Lesson Planning...


Teachers can share Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans with their students.

Teachers have full control of what to share and when they share it.

Teachers can email students a direct link to their specific Lesson Plan.

More Info about Planning Live

Students can view resources for each Lessons

Students can view Aim and Objectives for each Lesson

Students can view detailed information about each section of the Lesson

Students can see Actions created by teachers from the Lesson

Schemes of Work

Students can view detailed Scheme of Work content for each unit for each Lesson

For example students could see an overview of each Lesson and their expected Learning Outcomes

Student Feedback

Students can feedback on their Lessons

And See how their feedback compares with their peers...

Teachers can view student feedback


Parents can be given their own logins to see Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans for their children.

Helps engage parents with their child's learning.

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