Action Live

Our Action Planning Web-Based Solution...

Key Features Due Feb 2020!

Add Actions for Staff across your organisation and monitor the progress of each action.

Can be used to hold a large number of processes in one central place including Staff CPD, Actions from Staff Appraisals, Head of Department improvement plans, College Strategic Planning, etc

Monitor the Progess of each action - has it been completed, not started, cancelled etc, was the outcome positive or negative, how many hours have gone into the action.

Actions for teachers can be set up on the back of an observation and progress monitored.

Group actions into Categories, Types and add Tags to actions.

Taps into your Organisation Structure so that managers can quickly see all actions in their area.

Print all actions into a document format for staff.

Share actions with other members of staff.

Attach Resources to actions.

Track imported or custom KPIs over the life of an action to see if the action is having a positive impact.

Fully Web Based and compatible on all devices from PC to tablet to phone.

Sophisticated Templating system allows different action types to be created from simple to complex. Define labels, input fields and who can edit each part of the action.

Advanced in built Dashboard allows data to be sliced and diced however you like.

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Recording Actions

At its basic level an action consists of a Title and a Description, a Start Date and a Due Date.

Actions can be for yourself or for another member of staff e.g. within a manager’s department.

All actions have an Owner. The owner is responsible for closing off the action - was it completed etc?

Actions can be grouped in different ways. Actions can be Categorised, placed into Types and have Tags attached to them. Actions can be placed into your Organisational Structure.

Actions can have multiple Tags associated with them.

When actions are created Emails can be sent to staff associated with the action with a direct link to the action.

Actions can be Shared with certain members of staff not directly associated with the action.

Documents/Links can be associated to the action.

Custom tabs and input fields can be associated with each action type.

Monitoring Actions

Staff can quickly see all actions they are associated with, whether the action is for them, or they created the action, or they own the action, or the action exists in their department as they are a manager or the action has been shared with them.

The current status of the action and progress can be monitored by these staff.

Staff can Comment on actions and a thread can be maintained between members of staff. Comments can be emailed to interested parties.

The Progress of the action can be changed and monitored - e.g. is it complete, ongoing etc. What % progress has been done. How many hours have gone into the action so far.

When actions are modified or not viewed by the staff member they appear bold so the user can quickly see what is new.

Users can Flag actions as important to view later.

Actions can be Bulk Printed in a formatted pdf e.g. all actions for a member of staff.

The Homepage quickly shows upcoming actions, overdue actions etc.

Track KPIs

A really powerful feature of Action Live is to be able to track KPIs over the life of an action and therefore to be able to evidence whether the action has led to positive outcomes.

Statistics can be Imported against each organisation level and staff. So for example you could import Attendance across each department. If an action is for that department then you can automatically track attendance over the course of the action.

Targets can be set for each statistic and compared with the actual value. For example if the target attendance is 90% and actual attendance is 95% then this would be considered positive.

As well as imported statistics Custom statistics can also be monitored against the action. This could be any statistic the user wishes e.g for each course.

A statistic Timeline Graph can be viewed which shows all the statistics over time and all the interventions which have come from the action. This way you can see if the interventions are having a positive impact. For example did introducing a breakfast club have a direct impact on attendance.

Each action shows the number of positive and negative statistics which can then be used within the dashboard to view the impact of say your Strategic Planning.

Action Type Templates

The system has a Flexible Templating system for setting up Action Types.

Some actions need to be simple others complex with multiple fields depending on the type of action.

Using templates you can decide which features are turned on/off.

Turn tabs on/off. Rename tabs.

Edit input fields in each tab. Up to 60 Custom Input Fields are available over 3 tabs. Each field can be named, who can edit the field, what type of field e.g. textbox, dropdown, check box etc.

Decide whether Resources can be added to the action.

Decide whether Emails can be sent when creating the action.

Decide whether % Progress or staff Hours should be recorded.

Templates also decide who can add that action type. Certain types can be restricted to certain users.

More information about setting up templates can be found here


The Dashboard allows detailed analysis of the actions within the system.

Various reports are available:

  • % of actions which are Completed.
  • % of actions which have a Positive action.
  • % Progress.
  • Split by Action Types/ Categories/ Tags - How many are ongoing - how many have a positive outcome etc.
  • Compare each member of staff - How many Hours has each one inputted into their actions, how many actions have been set, what percentage of actions are ongoing.
  • Compare Organisational structure e.g. which departments have completed the most actions.

The dashboards can be Filtered in many ways e.g. for a specific department, staff member, action type, action category, tag, owner etc.

The system ships with a default dashboard but due to the configurable nature of the system we are able to Customise a dashboard tailored to your requirements.

Web-based and fully responsive

Action Live is 100% Web Based.

Accessible from anywhere and no install required on each machine.

100% responsive so enhanced to work on all platforms from PC to Tablet to Phone.

No login required - Single sign on.

Brand the website for your provider. Change colour themes, logos and product names.

Improve Teaching and Learning

Add all your College Resources related to teaching in one central place for example 'Using IT', 'Questioning techniques', etc. When adding an CPD action for a teacher then teaching resources can be added to the action.

For example the appraisal has identified Lesson Pace as an issue for the teacher. The action can be to improve Lesson Pace, with the 'Lesson Pace' teaching resource attached to the action.

This provides the teacher with a quick link to the resource and the ability to monitor progress e.g. the teacher has now read the resource and embedded it within their teaching.

Observation Live has a Wall which is a cross between a forum and the wall you would find within social media applications such as LinkedIn or Facebook. The concept is that it is a collaborative zone for members of staff to post about aspects of teaching and learning so that other members of staff can view and comment on these posts


Data Imports with ProMonitor and ProSolution to be able to quickly flood fill the system with data.

Including Staff, Organisational Structure.

Import actions from legacy systems.

Integrates with Planning Live and Observation Live. View all Action Planning, Observations and Schemes of Work in one place!

Integrates with your Email Exchange. Build your own automated emails to for example email staff their upcoming actions due for the week.

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