Planning Live

Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning Web-Based Solution...

Schemes of Work

Planning Live allows teachers to add and record Schemes of Work and replaces clunky document based approaches with a centralised system.

Detailed Content for each Lesson can be quickly created based on the Start Date, Holidays, Number of Weeks, Lessons per Week and the Days the lessons are taught in. Integrates with your Timetabling system. Changing the start date of the scheme of work? No problem Planning Live will recalulate all the dates automatically.

Add your Curriculum Intent and Sequence your Curriculum.

Add Resources and Rooms to your Scheme of Work.

Place Schemes of Work in their broader Context e.g. how will the teacher embed British Values into their lessons.

Improve - Allows the teacher to Reflect upon their Scheme of Work

Print Schemes of Work

Save time - Copy Schemes of Work between years and courses

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Lesson Plans

Add Times, Teachers and Resources to Lesson Plans

Add Aims and Objectives to Lesson Plans

Create detailed Activity Schedules for each Lesson Plan

Reflect upon Lessons

Share with Students

View Student Feedback

Add Actions to Lessons (Staff reminders,Student Actions, etc)

Print Lesson Plans to take to Lessons

Copy Lesson Plans to aid collaboration between staff


At System Live we understand that colleges do Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning differently so Templates can be set up which are completely configurable

Set Holiday Patterns

Permissions - Who can access what.

Scheme of Work Context & Curriculum Intent

It is important for teachers to place Schemes of Work in their Broader Context...

How will the teacher embed English and Maths, include British Values, Differentiation etc,etc

Record your Curriculum Intent e.g. How does the course prepare students for their next progression steps, How is the course coherently sequenced to build on previous teaching and learning, etc, etc

Scheme of Work Content & Sequencing

Create a detailed overview of each lessons - Aims and Objectives, Assessments, add Lesson Resources etc.

Sequence your curriculum week by week and quickly move things around e.g. Assessments, Employment Skills, Personal Skills, Enrichment, Work Experience, English & Maths

Use AI to create content based upon the qualification and unit.

Reflect Upon Teaching

In order for a college to improve its teaching it is important for staff to Reflect upon their teaching.

Planning Live allows teachers to say what went well in their lessons and what could be improved.

Students can Feedback on Lessons to further aid improvement in the future.

Don't repeat yourself

Planning Live allows teachers to Copy Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans between years and then modify them.

Use other teacher's Activities in your lessons.


Share activities between teachers.

Share Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans with students

Copy Lesson Plans between teachers

Standardisation and Reporting

Standardise Lesson Planning and Schemes of Work across College.

Keep track of Completion, Compliance and Usage

Assign Validators to keep track of Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning

Lesson Plan Activities

Add Activities for each time slot.

Add Resources to each activity.

Organise- Swap, delete, change times etc.

View if you have underallocated or overallocated activities.

Collaborate with other teachers - quickly add other teachers activities to your lesson.

Use AI to create content based upon the topic, unit and qualification.

Lesson Plan Actions

Create Actions resulting from the Lesson

These can be in the form of Reminders for yourself...

Or actions for students or other members of staff

Quickly view Upcoming Actions from your homepage

Web-based and fully responsive

Planning Live is 100% Web Based.

Accessible from anywhere and no install required on each machine.

100% responsive so enhanced to work on all platforms from PC to Tablet to Phone.

No login required - Single sign on.

Brand the website for your provider. Change colour themes, logos and product names.


Data Imports with ProMonitor and ProSolution to be able to quickly flood fill the system with data.

Including students, enrolments, staff, courses, units, etc, etc

Links directly to ProMonitor Student Group and ILP pages

Case Studies - How Planning Live is used by Providers
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