Further Education

Our consultants are ex developers of ProMonitor, ProAchieve, ProSolution and ProEngage and have over 10 years experience, set up the system in dozens of colleges and trained hundreds of staff from administrators to end users. We provide expert service at competitive rates.

Our services including

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ProSolution Training

We offer a variety of training packages covering all aspects of ProSolution

System Administrator Training

  • Imports
  • Users
  • Permissions
  • Datasources - hiding fields, renaming fields, validation
  • Reporting/Messages - Creating reports and building emails/sms/documents
  • Task Builder - Automation of events including reports, emails and after saving data

Curriculum Training

  • Curriculum Setup
  • ILR Fields
  • Creating Offering Hierarchy
  • Creating Offering Groups
  • Annual Tasks - Academic Year Rollover
  • Fees
  • Remission
  • Marketing Course Information
  • Curriculum Balancing
  • ILR Workshop - Generation and Validation

Students and Enrolment Training

  • Creating Students
  • Enrolling onto courses
  • Transfers/Withdrawals/Completions

Timetables and Registers

  • Setup - Activity Types, Weekspans, Holidays, Register Marks
  • Timetable Planning Tool
  • Creating Timetables
  • Creating Registers
  • Marking Registers

Enquiries and Applications

  • Marketing Course Information
  • Creating Potential Students
  • Logging Enquiries
  • Managing Applications

ProSolution.Web Training

  • Marking Registers
  • Viewing Student Details
  • Offering Details
  • Change Requests

Other Training

  • ALS Module
  • Accomodation Module
  • Exams Module
  • ProSolution SQL Training
ProSolution Consultancy

Our consultancy services cover all aspects of ProSolution

  • Health Check/Recommended Practice - How best should the system be used based on your unique requirements? We will look at how the system is being used and how this usage could be improved. Using the system in the correct manner saves time and money in the long term.
  • General Project Management - We will manage ProSolution for you - who should be doing what and when.
  • Utilising the Curriculum
  • Annual Tasks - ProSolution needs to be set up ready for each new academic year. There are many tasks which a college needs to perform. Let us manage this process for you.
  • Integration with other systems - ProSolution is just one system at your college. How well does it currently integrate with your other systems? We will help integrate ProSolution with your finance systems (invoicing, cashbook, account exports), HR system, Library Management System, Door Control system, ProMonitor, 4CAST, GrowFAR, Pay My Student, BKSB, etc.
  • Fees Table changes - ProSolution Fees tables are changing from 19/20 onwards. The old fees tables will no longer be used. We will make changes to systems which integrate with fees to use the latest tables.
  • Web Enrolment Toolkit - Do you use ProSolution as the basis for your web enrolments? ProSolution has a web enrolment toolkit. We will configure this to your needs for students to apply for courses on your college website.
  • Automation - We will automate processes to aid efficencies including Imports, Exports, Tasks, Reports, Emails, SMS, Docusign, Signable
  • Ensure data integrity with Datasource validation and mandatory fields setup.
  • Custom Data Screens - Do you need to store customised data? We can set up Custom Screens to be able to record data.
  • ProPortal setup - ProPortal can be used to display information to students from ProSolution e.g. exams, timetables, registers, change requests. Are you utilitising this useful feature?
ProSolution Reporting

Everybody knows a picture speaks a thousand words

We will provide you will mission critical reports to get the most of ProSolution

The types of data we will analyse include

  • Applications
  • Enquiries
  • Attendance
  • Finance
  • Group Sizes
  • MI/ILR Compliance
  • Staff and Room Utilisation
Our services

We will help train, setup and configure ProEngage within your different teams

System Administrator Training

  • Imports
  • Users
  • Permissions
  • Datasources
  • Reports
  • Task Builder

Work Experience Teams

  • Potential Business
  • Bookings
  • Recording Students
  • Health and Safety

Commerical/Apprenticeship Teams

  • Potential Business
  • Bookings
  • Recording Students
  • Health and Safety
  • Apprenticeship Onboarding documentation

Marketing Teams

  • Potential Business
  • Bookings
  • Recording Students
  • Health and Safety
  • Marketing Campaigns


We can provide a suite of reports to show information including...

  • Sales Performance
  • Work Experience Engagement
  • Campaign Success
  • System Utilisation
ProMonitor Training

Administrator Training - Looking at all aspects of the ProMonitor/ProPortal Administration Utility to be able to configure all aspects of the system including:

  • Imports
  • Users
  • Permissions
  • Configuring ILP
  • Configuring Markbook
  • Setting up comments, SMART Targets, Meetings, Reports to Parents
  • College Structure

User training - We provide half day courses for teachers and tutors to use the ProMonitor website. 2 training courses are available:

  • Markbook Training
    • Set up markbooks units, assessment and tasks
    • How to mark work
    • How to keep track of Progress
  • ILP Training
    • Go through each page in the student ILP
    • How to create comments, meetings and smart targets
    • Creating report to parents comments

Report Writing - Use the inbuilt ProMonitor report writer to create detailed reports:

  • Go through each step to building reports.
  • Look at different types of reports from documents to excel to interactive grids.
  • Publish reports on the website for end users to view.

SQL Training - Become an expert at SQL using the ProMonitor database as the basis for our training. Two training courses are available:

  • Beginners - This is for people new to SQL who want to start at the beginning. We look at the key components of generating sql - selecting data, restricting data, sorting data, grouping data, creating views and stored procedures.
  • Intermediate - This is for people who know the basics of SQL but want to know how to interrogate the ProMonitor database

Task Module - Look at the ProMonitor Task module to automate events to fire. Here we will look at:

  • Scheduling tasks.
  • Making tasks fire when users do something on the website.
  • Generation of reports and messages including emails and sms.
  • Automatically firing SQL scripts when tasks are triggered.
ProMonitor Consultancy

In our experience we find that colleges could be using ProMonitor much better to drive up quality. Maybe your college does not know about various aspects of ProMonitor. Maybe staff are not using ProMonitor properly or effectively. Maybe you have no way of checking how ProMonitor is being used. We will come down and analyse the system in detail.

Some of the questions we will answer are:

  • Are various aspect of the system being used?
  • Are these areas being used correctly?
  • Has the system been configured correctly?
  • What functionality have you not implemented?
  • We will work with you to implement a process improvement strategy.
  • Do you have the management reports available to make sure the system is being used and track non compliance?

More specifically we will analyse the markbook. The markbook needs to be set up correctly and used correctly by staff to be able to track performance of students before it is too late. If steps are missing the markbook can be rendered useless.

We will look at the student pages to make sure the ILP has been set up and other aspects are being used. Have you ever wanted to store information within the ILP which existing pages cannot capture. We can build custom pages to extend the functionality of your ILP.

We will look at which aspects of the system you do not know about which you would benefit from.

It is important that the college has a strategy for using ProMonitor. Staff need to be trained and know what they need to do in ProMonitor. We will help create this strategy.

Once this is done we will look at creating reports which will at a glance enable you to track compliance and track college performance. ProMonitor will then be being used for what is was designed for. Driving up quality!

ProMonitor Reporting

Everybody knows a picture speaks a thousand words

We will provide you with mission critical reports to get the most of ProMonitor. If you do not have a correct reporting strategy how can you tell if ProMonitor is being used correctly and improving quality for students? Our reports have actively improved pass rates and OFSTED grading.

We will create a suite of reports from management to teacher reports.

The types of questions we will answer are:

  • Are teachers using the system?
  • Are teachers filling out information they are required to?
  • Are markbooks set up correctly?
  • Do students have SMART Targets and Meetings?
  • Are students engaging with ProPortal?
  • Are students above or below target to achieve their targets?
  • Is the college adding value added for their students?
  • Which departments are performing poorly?
  • Which students are in danger of dropping out of college?
  • Are problem students being given the correct support?

We can provide management reports which will allow staff leaders to drill through departments to course to groups to students to really see the full picture.

Our other FE services

We provide a range of services including...

  • General Project Management
  • Procurement / Tendering - Do you require new software or services? We will help you design the tendering process to ask the right questions
  • Overall System Reviews - Are you using the best systems for the job? How well do they integrate with each other?
  • Reporting
  • SQL Server Installations/Upgrades
  • Upgrades - We will upgrade you 'Pro' products to remove the strain from your IT department.