Software Development

We provide cutting edge software solutions using the latest in web technologies for an exceptional user experience.

Journey Live

We specialise in creating elegant multi-platform solutions to bring your data to life.

Areas of expertise include


We will sit down with you and discuss your needs and requirements for the software.

This is a crucial stage as we need to understand your vision for the software and how it will improve your business.

We will discuss how the system should look, the underlying business processes and which platforms the software will be targeted at.


From the consultation process we will create detailed specification documents to show you, to ensure that both parties are in agreement.

The designing could take various forms e.g. a prototype mockup which will be a shell of how the system will look, a storyboard looking at the various processes within the software and detailed documentation.

Within the design process it is likely that the specification will go back between yourselves and System Live until the perfect solution is found and agreed.

Once our development team and customer understand each other the build phase can start.


This is the stage in which System Live will develop the software.

We specialise in developing software in various platforms including fully responsive web applications designed to be fully functionality from phone to tablet to PC, Windows applications and cloud based solutions.

We will continuous liaise with you to make sure that the software is meeting your needs.

Our software is renowned for its speed, ease of use and asthetics.


At System Live we understand that software quality is meaningless if users cannot use the software for whatever reason.

We provide support for our systems to fix any problems and provide future enhancements.

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