Journey Live

Track Student Progress

Introduction to Journey Live

What is Journey Live?

We have been working with different colleges over the years on tracking student progress. Journey Live takes the best of these approaches and combines them for the ultimate tracking experience.

Imagine being able to track 10 or 20 key indicators against each student and each enrolment. For example Attendance or Punctuality or Missed Work or Progress against Target or anything else the college wants to track. Journey Live lets you see the current status of each indicator as well as how the indicator has changed over time. All this is beautifully displayed to quickly see problems at a glance with colour coded indicators or icons that the college can choose.

This data can be monitored at different levels. Teachers can see indicators against each student within a group profile. Managers can see how these indicators combine at group or course or department level. Quality Heads can see these key indicators by department or overall college or NVQ Level or Provision Type, etc. Our sophisticated reporting tool lets the college slice and dice the data how they like. This allows problem areas to be quickly identified.

These key indicators are combined together to give the college an indication of which students are most at risk of dropping out of the college or their courses. We show the most likely students to withdraw with the most risk so that the college can put in interventions early and get the student back on course.

The college can set tracking actions against each student to monitor at risk students. They can graphically overlay these actions over the key indicators against each student to see the impact these actions are making.

We look at changes in these key indicators too. For example how have they changed within the last 7 days. Good students may be getting worse. Poor students may be getting better. Our early warning systems track changes to notify managers by email of any problems.

We also allow looking for at risk students before they are at the college or early on when other indicators may be missing. For example students with late applications or demographic information such as postcode analysis.

The system is fully web based for ease of access and can integrate with the leading college student record and tracking systems.

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