OneGrade Web

Generate Target Grades and analyse progress against those partnership with Total College


System Live have officially partnered with Total College for the creation of OneGrade Web.

OneGrade is designed to generate student Target Grades and analyse Progress against those targets. This gives an indication of your potential Value Added outcomes as the academic year progresses. The Value Added module uses DfE National Performance data on Value Added and Completion/Attainment, so that you can set targets and track progress against reliable and transparent national benchmarks.

With the new OneGrade Web staff will be able to track students' progress within OneGrade through their web browser

  • Target grades, qualifications on entry and comprehensive student/enrolment detail from OneGrade will be accessible to all staff.
  • Teachers can record in-year grades up to 8 times per year. Grades can be selected from drop-down lists according to the course enrolled upon.
  • In-year progress calculations, final grade against targets and a wide range of powerful reporting will be available.
  • As with OneGrade Core, all the tracking and calculations for listed quals are based on DfE national data
  • Colleges can design and track their own in-house grading systems for pass/fail and qualifications outside the DfE measures.
  • Dashboard reports show counts of e.g. students without QOE scores or target grades, cohort analysis and numbers of students on/above/below target grade.
  • Data recorded in OneGrade Web is available for further analysis and reporting in OneGrade Core.
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