Using Planning Live and Observation Live together

Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans and Lesson Observations all in one place...


A case study illustrating the power of using our Lesson Observation system together with our Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning system.

Observers can view Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans created by the teacher they are observing before, during or after the observation.

This is a great way for the observer to see evidence of lesson planning and to know what to expect from the lesson.

The Observation

When an observer views an observation they can see all the schemes of work and lesson plans which have been created by the teacher.

Links to the schemes of work and lesson plans allow the observer to view information about the lesson in more detail.

This is great if the observer wants to know what is planned to be taught before the observation or indeed if prior planning has been performed by the teacher.

These Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans can be associated with the observation. Information about the Lesson e.g. Lesson Context or Lesson Topic can be directly brought in from the Scheme of Work.

Part of the Observation Process could be whether evidence of planning has been observed. This could be recorded against the observation and later reported on.

Planning Observations

Different providers have different ways of planning which teachers to observe. When planning an observation against a teacher the observer can see how many Schemes of Work or Lesson Plans the teacher has.

It might be that the observer wishes to target teachers who do not have any Schemes of Work as their lessons might be inadequate.

The Common Inspection Framework does not requires a teacher to have a written Lesson Plan or Scheme of Work, it just requires that a teacher shows evidence of planning. So having no Scheme of Work in place does not necessarily mean poor teaching but could be an indicator.

The provider could then later use reporting to see if there is a correlation between having Schemes of Work and whether the observation meets requirements.

Everything in one place

Teachers can see all their Observations and Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans in one place...

Under each staff page all the teacher’s Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans and Lesson Observation can be viewed in one place. This could be used as a basis for a Staff Appraisal.

The same applies for each course page. This can be used as a basis for a Course Review.

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